Fazl demands fresh election, without ‘establishment’s interference’

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MULTAN: JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman on Wednesday demanded the incumbent government to resign and holding of fresh general elections without the interference of establishment.

Speaking at a press conference, Maulana Fazl stated his party's readiness to support negotiation conditions, highlighting the conflict between being under the establishment's control while also claiming authority. He urged a shift away from the belief that progress hinges solely on establishment approval. Calling for governmental resignation and fresh elections sans establishment interference, he criticized the current government's weakness, citing the absence of the PPP from the cabinet and his party's ongoing movement against the regime.

Expressing worry about Pakistan's economic dependency on the IMF and World Bank, Fazlur Rehman criticized the government as undemocratic, branding it a clique in power rather than a legitimate entity. He accused the recent general elections of bribery, selling of assembly seats, and systemic corruption, while lamenting the prevailing political culture focused on power grabs rather than genuine governance.

Fazlur Rehman questioned Pakistan's stagnation, advocating for progress over perpetual conflict and asserting that martial prowess doesn't equate to leadership. In his inaugural address to the National Assembly, he challenged the credibility of the current parliament, accusing it of betraying democratic principles for personal gain.

Expressing doubts about the parliament's representation of the people, Fazlur Rehman criticized the formation of governments in palaces and alleged bureaucratic influence over prime ministerial appointments. He questioned the sustainability of compromise and reliance on external forces for electoral success, pointing out rigging in both the 2018 and 2024 elections, the latter resulting in the installation of counterfeit representatives.

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